Privacy policy

We like privacy! We collect only data, which are mentioned in this privacy policy. We dislike data collectors, which spy browsing behavior and create user profiles.

Business activities provides widgets to integrate Social Media features of third-parties (in the following service) in a privacy-friendly way. Website operators (in the following user) have the possibility to configure these widgets according to their needs at and be able to integrate them at their website(s) for free. Afterwards they can offer their visitors (in the following end user) the use of Social Media features of third-parties in a privacy-friendly way.

Coming features will improve its service continuously and expand the supported Social Media features. Further it is planned to offer its users anonymous statistics about the use of the widget. Therefore it is necessary to generate a protocol anonymous end user data. stores only anonymous IP addresses, no other private data.


The planned tracking features, as an Opt-Out-Option, will support the universal Web-Tracking-Opt-Out Do-Not-Track. So it is ensured that the end user will not be tracked even before the first click at the widget.

Accessible data

The anonymous data about the use of widgets are only accessible for the users of the service. The anonymous data about the use of widgets at the user's websites can be published, for example in the form of an entry at the blog.

What will be tracked?

  • - Activation (How often did end users activate the Social Media features?)
  • - Permanent activation (How often did end users activate Social Media features permanently?)
  • - Searches (The website with the widget was the result of which search? Which features have been used?)
  • - Referrer (Which was the referrer of the website including the widget? Which features have been used?)
  • - Country and continent (Where are the end users from?)


With the help of which filters can the tracked data be evaluated?

  • - Period (When did what happen? – period and time of day)
  • - URL (What are the most important URLs?)
  • - Domain (What are the most important Sub-Domains?)


Which further data will be tracked?

  • - None


Event tracking

For integration into existing tracking systems, users have the options to run JavaScript events by the widget, then the user's existing analytics software can track (limited) the use of the widget. The privacy policies of the respective operators of analytics software apply for the tracking of the features. The user must ensure the privacy-friendly treatment of the tracking data, obtained by the event.

Operator is a service of Vorwarts GmbH settled in Cologne, Germany. Vorwarts is using for the hosting of the service, a Managed Server from Hetzner, located in Germany. The privacy policy of Hetzner is in line with the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (German Data Protection Act), the Telemediengesetz (German Tele Media Act) (see and European Law.

We are planning the migration from in the European server cloud of amazon web services in Ireland as soon as Hetzner will not be able to ensure the performance of the service any more.

If amazon will NOT warrant the processing of personal data exclusively in data centers within the European Economic Area (EU with Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) or will NOT agree with the European Law in a written way, we will choose another appropriate server cloud provider. Condition is to act already in line with the European Law or the willingness to deliver the corresponding obligations.

Transnational use can be used worldwide. The anonymous storage of the data from tracking occurs only within the EU.

Data volume

We only store anonymous data, which are necessary for the evaluation of the tracking. We don't collect more data as it is relevant for this purpose.

  • The anonymity of the IP address happens automated before the storage. Even the staff of Vorwarts is not able to collect or see personal data or to re-identify end users – neither automated nor manually.
  • The anonymous data is only used for the purposes, which are defined in this privacy policy.
  • The data, which are collected with the widget from, will never be combined with other data sources.
  • The web server's configuration doesn't allow producing log files or temporary shadow files of those.
  • doesn't pass data to third-parties. The evaluation takes only place at the (cloud-) server(s), which have been rented specially for this service.
  • The anonymous date will be stored without time limit. So the user can track the development from the beginning.



The data processing and data storage is clarified by the following chart. The chart refers to the hosting by Amazon.

Please note that the chart above shows the planned data process and data storage after the migration to the European server cloud from amazon web services in Ireland. It visualizes exemplary the construction of a scalable and high performing hosting solution. If will not move to the server cloud of amazon, when the migration would become necessary, we will choose a hosting environment with a similar construction.

A hosting with Microsoft Windows Azure would be possible. In this case the Windows Azure Compute would be a combination with

  1. SQL Azure Database
  2. Windows Azure Storage and
  3. Windows Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN).

As described previously, we host with a Managed Hetzner Server, till the migration, the data processing and the data storage is easy to be visualized:

At the moment the Hetzner Server is application and database server in one and delivers the data directly without intermediary CDN. After the migration we will update this privacy policy and use only the final chart in here.


The widgets use Cookies to identify the end users. These store different individual settings at the computer of the end user. Such a setting is for example the permanent activation of a Facebook-Like-Button for a special website.

This website

To improve the website and to understand our visitor's requirements, we use the web analysis software Piwik considering to the Empfehlungen zur Analyse von Internet-Angeboten mit „Piwik“ vom Unabhangigen Landeszentrum fur Datenschutz Schleswig-Holstein (ULD) (recommendations of the Independent Center for Privacy Protection of the state Schleswig-Holstein for the analysis of websites with “Piwik”). We are using, as an Opt-Out-Option, the so-called X-Do-Not-Track-Header of the universal web tracking Opt-Out Do-Not-Track.

The ULD haven't finally checked the features in Piwik at the moment the recommendations had been published. So the following paragraphs about the functionality of Piwik are extracts, taken from the previously linked document of the ULD. We adapted them to our configurations.

What is Piwik?

Piwik generates detailed statistics about the visitors of a website. This includes information about the used search engines, the used keywords, the used language, sort of the users referring to the countries from where they access the website, the used browsers and their plugins, the referrer, the duration of stay, the entry pages, the exit pages, cancellation rate, the IP address* etc.

*In our configuration only anonymous IP-addresses are stored.

Piwik is programed with the computer language PHP and is provided open-sourced at GNU General Public License (GPL). Piwik needs a database for running; actual MySQL is recommended.

Everyone can get Piwik at for free.

The program is installed at the web server of the website operator (in the following Piwik-user) and stores data also only at the Piwik-user's server. This is a so-called in-house solution for web analysis.

Piwik provides the analysis of the use of one or more websites in real-time. This means that actual visitors will be included immediately in the statistics, not only after a longer processing time.

An online demonstration is provided at

Who is Piwik?

Piwik consists of a large development team, led by Matthieu Aubry. An overview about important members is shown at

Piwik is a registered trademark. Vorwarts supports the development of Piwik actively.

How does web analysis with Piwik work?

The Piwik user installs Piwik on a system, which supports the scripting language PHP and provides the database management system MySQL. The Piwik user gets program statements (JavaScript) that must be inserted at the end of each website, which shall be analyzed. This can be done manually or for several content-management systems or blog software also automated with plug-ins

Advantages and disadvantages of Piwik

The main advantage of Piwik is that the web analysis solution can be implemented under the full control and management of the responsible part and the data remains with the Piwik-user. There is no transmission of user data to third-parties to avoid following data protection problems (transfer or ordered data processing).

Further the use of Piwik makes statistics in real-time possible. So the Piwik-user doesn't have to wait long for the adoption of the data in the statistics.

One technical disadvantage of Piwik is that in the basis version the counting of the visitors is only possible when the visitor has activated JavaScript. Piwik uses HTTP-Cookies.

No data merging

The data from the analysis will never be merged with the data from the widget tracking. To ensure the isolation, adequate technical and organizational methods are constituted. On the basis of different anonymous mechanisms it is impossible to assign anonymous data to a common source.

Neither it is possible to de-anonymous or to merge the collected and stored data manually.

Lifetime of Piwik-Cookies

We have shortened the lifetime of tracking cookies from 2 years (standard) to 31 days. So we can identify recurring visitors within one month and analyze how many visitors have been on the website more times in one month.


For the distribution of our newsletter we use MailChimp, a US-American provider of mailing solutions, settled in Atlanta, Georgia (MailChimp Privacy Department, 512 Means St., Suite 404, Atlanta, Georgia 30318).

Data transfer

When you subscribe to our newsletter, your name and e-mail will be transferred SSL-protected to MailChimp. As long as you don't subscribe to the newsletter no data will be transferred to MailChimp.


MailChimp submits to the EU Safe Harbor Framework, which controls the collection, use and storage of data within the European Union referring to the privacy policy of the European Commission from the year of 1998. You will find details to the registration at MailChimp of Safe Harbor company profile. The guideline for data privacy of the European Commission forbids the transfer of personal data into Non-EU Countries, if the standards for privacy protection of the European Union (EU) are not fulfilled. The USA has different assignments, laws and standards for the privacy protection. In order to give U.S. companies the opportunity to meet the European Directive on Data Protection, the U.S. Department of Commerce developed in consultation with the European Commission, the EU Safe Harbor Framework.